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Çeşme Ilica Beach :

Ilıca Beach is the first among the blue flagged beaches in Turkey. In Çeşme, here the season is opened early due to the water temperature. I recommend you the beaches located on the right side of Sheraton Hotel; an extraordinarily beautiful sea and beach. Especially for families with children, the shallowness of the sea for a long distance is a great comfort. The beauty of the beach is a rare felicity for children.

Small tips; in high season spare one week day to Ilıca in your Çeşme holiday, because on weekends it is so crowded. Its closeness to Izmir and presence of public beaches increases the demand to this location. Do not neglect to stop by Yıldız Cape, where thermal water comes underneath the sea.

Altin Kum :

It is a marvelous Maldives-like place 10 km far from Çeşme center with its unique sea Altın kum is my favorite destination, I even can say that I am in love with that place. The sea is cold but marvelous. As of August until the end of October the sea temperature becomes normal. Here there are beach clubs and cafés. I am a regular at Ramo’s Place. The prices for food and beverages are suitable and it is possible for you to spend the day without buffeted. The daily price for 2 beach chairs and 1 umbrella is 15 Turkish Liras. The prices for food and beverage are reasonable. You will see below the photos of Ramo’s Place. For beach club lovers, there is Kum Beach at a short distance and similar beaches but our aim here is to recommend you the economic but beautiful places. Although Cafe Ramo seems of Italian style due to its name, it is a cute and modest place managed by Mr. Ramazan, the owner. Generally tourists and families prefer this place. The grilled meatball is delicious and they always have classically brewed tea.

Cafe Ramo

Dalyan Koca Karı (Old Lady) Beach: Do not prejudge it because of its name. One other beautiful beach of Çeşme is Kocakarı beach in Dalyan. The sea is really very nice and relaxing. Especially its calmness in May and June is another beauty. In the beach, where there is a small kiosk, the prices for beach chairs are between 7.5 TL and 10 TL

Alacati and of course Babylon

The best of the beaches 3 km far from Alaçatı center is the Babylon.

In Alaçatı, Babylon is the best beach for me with the beauty of its beach and the great service. I would not lie if I say I missed the frozen with melon. It a distinctive comfort with all day long playing Latin music, its authentic ambiance, cleanness and the quality of service personnel. Babylon, which can be an entertainment location in the evenings, organizes various concerts at summer time. Last season the prices were 20 TL on week days and 30 TL on weekends. But I definitely can say that it worth.

SEASIDE Alacati: One other different successful location in Alaçatı is Sea Side. Its service is really great and the sea, so as to say, like cutting ice.

Ayayorgi Bay :

It is a marvelous bay 1 km far from Çeşme center. The beach clubs there are beaches during the day time and night clubs at nights. There are places like Granada , Sole-Mare , Shina and Paparazzi. The most comfortable place for me among those is Paparazzi because of its inside service. Sole- Mare is more beautiful in sense of ambiance but the attention at Paparazzi makes me happy. The entrance fees for these beaches are 20 TL for the time being but I guess the fees will be 30 TL in the season. One other positive thing about Paparazzi is that you have the right to consume inside with an amount equal to the entrance fee. For other you are entitled to drink 1 beverage. Shina is a bit economic in terms of price; it was 15 TL in week days and 20 TL on weekends last season. Granada beach is the first beach club you see when you arrive Ayayorgi bay. It seems clean, tidy and luxurious but I had never visited until now.

Paşa Limanı /Paşa Port :

It is an awesome place but not advertised much, may be because there live pashas. The sea temperature is ideal, the sea is clean and still. Last season, there was Fontana beach Club but not this year. But you must visit Aqua.

Aqua Park :

The specialty of this place is the parties at the evenings and use of this hot pool at nights. Aqua, a thermal pool, contains more than 50 minerals with a temperature of 38 °C and poured into the sea. Aqua, located in Paşa Limanı, which is a blue flagged sea, is famous with fruit cocktails made from fresh fruits.


Pırlanta Beach /Diamond Beach:

Pırlanta Beach, located at Çiftlikköy 10 km far from Çeşme, is famous with its uninterrupted, steady and hard wind and the waves. It is an ideal location for experienced surfers. As it is a protected site, no construction can be made.

Pırlanta beach, located on the west end of Çeşme, is named after its sand shines as diamond. Since the sea is shallow for 250 meters and there is only shining sand under the sea, the surfers all over the world come to this region.

In 2000s, the beach becomes the new center for kite-surfing, the most extreme sport of the new millennium, and kite-surfers. Pırlanta beach, becomes one of the most important centers for this sports, which is attracted by many wind surfers due to its similarities with wind surfing.

Kitesurfbeach, the surfing facilities at Pırlanta Beach, gives IKO ( International Kite-surf Organization) with its certified trainers.

In the facilities at Pırlanta Beach, where accommodation camping and caravan opportunities are provided to windsurfers and kite-surfers, there are also a café, swimming and sunbathing areas.

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